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Get paid as you earn!


It’s your money,  you’ve earned it.

Life won’t wait for pay day, so why should you?

With Moolah! you can access your pay when you need it.

We can all find ourselves short of cash to pay bills at times.

In fact, according to our market research, in Singapore it happens to about 40% of us.

So what do you do?

Borrow from friends?

Take a loan?

Use your credit card and pay interest?

MooLah! offers an alternative...

Get paid as you earn

MooLah! gives you advance access to money you have already earned, whenever you need it.

Hassle-free repayment

MooLah! gets repaid by your employer from your salary in the normal payroll cycle. No need to worry about making repayments or late charges.

Absolutely no interest

MooLah! doesn't charge interest. We charge a simple upfront transaction fee at the time of your withdrawal and that's it.

Get paid as you earn with MooLah!

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